A billionaire gated community in my city just got inundated with floodwater from torrential rains. Oops!

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My city, the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, is still reeling from some of the after effects of the floods from the torrential rain that took place all through the week. Dozens of apartments and individual homes are still without power or water. Luckily, the weather is great, so we don’t have an additional heating or cooling problem to deal with. I myself had to seek refuge at a friend's place in another part of town for the past three days as my basement was inundated with floodwater. Many others who weren’t so lucky had to shell out big amounts to stay put with their families at hotels nearby as the floodwaters were being pumped out from their basements.

  • Flood water enters the apartment as it is blocked from flowing into another interconnected lake or SWD (Storm Water Drain).
  • This natural source of freshwater which could have been harvested had it been allowed to seep into the ground (or into a lake) now sits in a basement where it interacts and mixes with the effluents from human civilization. All utilities such as our Sewage Treatment Plant, dustbins, diesel generator, manager's office, and car parking are located in the basement.
  • On mixing with the above-mentioned effluents the water is now contaminated, turning it into an oily sludge that is viscous in nature no longer fit for drinking, bathing, or even for watering the plants.
  • This water is now pumped out of the basement using tankers, which spew out an incredible amount of noxious diesel fumes while doing so.
  • This water, which is neither treatable nor directly usable now gets poured right back into the earth from the tankers, contaminating it with effluents that would never have been present in it in the first place had humanity not interfered with the water flow cycle.
  • Since this water couldn’t cool the earth by nourishing the trees in the city, nor could be harvested for drinking since it mixed with sewage in the process of flooding, the groundwater table is left dry, polluted, and depleted leading to a water scarcity issue all over again. I won’t be surprised if a groundwater shortage hits the city in a couple of months. This is truly a city of paradoxes.
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