As An Ethical Vegan, Is It Morally Right To Dine With Meat Eaters?

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash


When Donald Watson coined the term ‘Vegan’ back on that fateful day in 1944, little did he know that it would turn into a massive movement followed and promoted by millions of people decades into the future. He had witnessed animal slaughter at the tender age of 14 and knew in his heart that something was completely wrong. He gradually leaned into the plant-based path and eventually gave up all animal products, coining the term of this plant-rich diet in 1944.

“where the ethical vegans see a hindrance and a roadblock on the path of success, activist vegans see a priceless opportunity for activism that cannot be missed.”

By willingly agreeing to sit and dine with “corpse munchers” — as they are casually known among vegan circles — one not only has the opportunity to indulge in activism and talk to them about the plant-based lifestyle, but also get to be a living example of it.



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Caffeinated Thoughts

Caffeinated Thoughts

I am an avid trekker, content writer, photographer and sports enthusiast. I write about trekking, society, overpopulation, lifestyle and veganism in general.