Having An Elder Sibling Is Great But You’ve Got To Be A Self-Starter On Your Own

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Having an elder sibling can be great. They act as beacons of hope, strength, and, courage when you’re trying to do great things with your life. They inspire you to aim and reach higher than what you originally thought was possible. They can be the pillars of strength that you lean on when times are hard and frustrating. And they’ll provide you with valuable insights into adult life which you couldn’t have possibly picked up anywhere else at such a young age.

“Kids who are confident and have experience dealing with difficult situations are more likely to deflect comments from bullies.”

However, it would be pointless to let your big brother defend you every single time.

“Even in adulthood, siblings can serve as a source of comfort when things don’t go as planned. Additionally, some evidence suggests that when siblings face adversity like bullying, divorce, or death, they become closer and function more as a team. So, when one sibling experiences bullying it could result in a tighter connection.”

The smarter ones amongst us ultimately imbibed themselves with these skills and stopped calling on their big brother for support.

“Essentially, almost all younger siblings have the innate desire to mimic their older sibling, especially early in life, says Dr. Varedy. “They want to look like them, act like them and mostly want their approval,” she says. “And sometimes, they are getting more attention from siblings than even their parents so siblings become vital to them for their sense of self.”

Because when its your very own brother or sister who’s being studious, raising the bar of achievement, and winning the approval of his parents, the family pressure on you to aspire for the same naturally sets in. So you are not only inspired, motivated, and supported by your elder sibling to be ambitious, but also have the family pressure to do so.

“As grown-ups, tensions can mount over who is perceived as more happy or successful. The conflicts may be verbal. Think: sniping at each other with disdain or sarcasm.

If it goes beyond friendly bickering, this can take a toll on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. This is especially true if one sibling is more ready to get past it than the other. Some even cut all ties because they just can’t get along. And it probably didn’t start out of the blue.”

For this reason, it is vital to form healthy relationships with your siblings as you’re growing up and get on with each other amicably so that y’all don’t run into complicated adult issues later on.

“Scroll through online message boards and forums, and you’ll find a slew of stories. Grown-up brothers and sisters bicker. Push each other’s buttons. Steal money from one another. Play cruel pranks. Even physically fight. Some just squabble. Others cross the line into sibling abuse.”

A sibling's shoulder oozes emotional warmth. Their hugs envelop you in an aura of tender loving care. There’s no doubt that a supportive siblings presence is instrumental in shaping your overall personality through childhood and into adulthood.



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