Social Media Has Become Extremely Annoying Of Late

Photo by Nghia Nguyen on Unsplash


During it’s formative years on the World Wide Web, Social Media was a tool used by people to connect with family and friends from across the world.

“It’s the gradual, slight, imperceptible change in your own behaviour and perception that is the product”

In a Medium article about getting rid of daily eyesores to upgrade one’s life, writer Anthony J. Yeung specifically highlights ‘Online Ads’ as a significant distraction in peoples lives that could totally be done away with, saying:

“The second you get online, there are so many things fighting for your attention, but your attention is all you have. And if you give it away cheaply, you’ll gradually exhaust yourself until there’s not much left over for the things that you really matter.”

Activity Visibility

“In that (social media) world, any time two people connect, the only way it’s financed is through a sneaky third person who’s paying to manipulate those two people.”

— Jaron Lanier, Founding Father of Virtual Reality, The Social Dilemma

You get to know how ridiculous this is only when you apply it to real life.

Now you’ll have to click on ‘View comments’ after ‘comment’ to start commenting

“We’ve moved away from having a tools-based technology environment to an addiction-and manipulation- based technology environment.”

— Tristan Harris, Former Design Ethicist at Google, The Social Dilemma



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