Some Of The Most Stupid Reasons For Rage That I’ve Come Across Recently

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7 min readAug 2, 2022

We’ve reached peak anger…… or rather peak sensitivity to be precise.

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The past few months have been a firestorm, hasn’t it?

First, it was the mother pushing a stroller who was mercilessly shot at point-blank range over a domestic dispute. Then the guy who killed a Subway employee for putting too much mayonnaise into his sandwich, then the incidents that happened right here in India, where a cab driver stabbed a man to death right in front of his family because they forgot to provide him with the service code for the trip, and then that spat between an Indo-German couple and their Indian neighbours over dog poop.

All of this makes you sit up and wonder: What the heck is going on in the world?!

Why is there so much paranoia, insensitivity, hate, and anger in the air? What’s making otherwise calm and mentally sane people lose their sanity and want to take the lives of others?

It’s not even like arguments and disagreements are a new thing.

Scuffles and altercations happen every single day, and they have been happening since time immemorial. Most of these disputes are sorted out within a matter of minutes, if not less, and the squabbling parties just carry on with their own personal lives unscathed from the incident. Yet somehow, for a particular set of people even the most trivial matters and smallest indifferences are taken as an attack on their personalities, and are grounds for violence.

What’s bothering these people so much that they feel the need to go ballistic on total strangers for some of the most flimsy reasons? Why have we collectively lost the ability to resolve disputes peacefully and amicably? Why have we lost our humanity, and the values of love, compassion, acceptance and empathy for our fellow human beings?

Why have we lost the ability to regulate our emotions?

Let’s take a look at some incidents of hate and indifference that came into the limelight these past few months:

Mom with the stroller

The mom with the stroller is undeniably the most shocking incident on my list since it involves a child. A child whose face was splattered with the blood of his mother whom he’s going to grow up without. This is the most barbaric and brutal act of violence I’ve come across in recent times. Even though it happened to be a domestic dispute, and some reports say that the killer was allegedly the estranged father itself, nothing can justify the horror that the child had to face due to this senseless, brutal act of violence.

It doesn’t matter who committed the act. For a small innocent child, all violence is the same regardless of whether it was committed by a stranger or by someone from the victims family itself.

Parking spot scuffle

People are literally losing their s*** over parking spots now. Yes, you read that right. A person took out his licensed revolver and shot another person in the abdomen due to an argument which broke out over whose right it was to park at a particular spot.

I mean, come on man! If you’re gonna lose your marbles over a dumb parking spot, then you’re definitely not ready to live in civilized society. I mean, how deranged does someone got to be that they feel like shooting someone because they argued with them about the right to park their car somewhere? If this is not an indicator of the downfall of civilized society, then I don’t know what is.

There’s just absolutely no way you can justify such a brutal and violent act and then go on to live amongst the rest of us. Luckily, the victim of this attack survived, albeit with a few major injuries, and had the chance to share his version of the story on camera. He’s the only other survivor on my list who lived to tell the tale.

Waiter who put on too much Mayo

If you thought the parking spot incident was senseless and uncalled-for, then you’re going to faint listening to this.

A customer who received his sandwich with too much mayonnaise in it decided that he’d had enough (of what?) and decided to end the life of the waiter serving him that fateful day.

Wait what??? Yeah, you heard me right. Someone just killed somebody else over MAYONNAISE!!

How insane does this world have to be that people are starting to lose their minds over such inconsequential and trifling matters! Just think about it. First off, it isn’t even that big of a deal. Secondly, even if it was, I’d just ask the waiter to get me another sandwich or to take off the extra mayo in the existing one. Even if all that didn’t work, like any other sane human I’d just call for the manager, and the matter would be resolved in a couple of minutes. Without any bloodshed!

I mean, how far does someone have to take something that it ends in bloodshed? This is insane. Such people have no business existing amongst civilized society. They must be relegated to mental institutions for psychiatric evaluation and correction, and must be let out only when deemed sane enough to exist and work alongside civilized human beings. It also doesn’t help when such mentally deranged people live in one of the most free societies in the world, where owning a gun is considered a basic right.

Jessica Wildfire spoke about this phenomenon long ago in one of her articles:

“Americans are buying more guns than ever, and they’re committing more crimes than ever. It’s not just mass shootings anymore. Now we’ve got angry, unstable people brandishing guns and shooting fast food workers over cream cheese and barbecue sauce.”

Family that forgot to provide trip code

India is no less when it comes to violence and hate crimes. We might not have easy access to guns the way Americans do. But that definitely doesn’t seem to stop us from acting and behaving in the same deranged and uncivlized manner towards our fellow human beings.

Violence is nothing new to India. However, the fact that everyday citizens are being subject to it is definitely something out of the ordinary.

Get this. A cab driver got so enraged that a family of 5 got into his car before they could provide him with the trip code, that he decided to take matters into his own hands and ended the lives of the one of them.

Now an entire family is left without a husband, father, a son, a brother and the sole breadwinner of the family. Words cannot express how sad and upset I am that a human life had to be taken for such a flimsy inconsequential reason. We need strict laws and better lawyers who are capable of putting such people behind bars for the rest of their lives, so that it acts as a deterrent for anyone else who might be thinking about carrying out similar acts of violence and terror in the future.

Indo-German couple vs angry neighbours

This one has been picked up not only by Youtubers, but also by a lot of popular news channels and media outlets in India. It majorly attracts so much attention for the most obvious reason, the involvement of a foreigner in the matter. And not just any foreigner, but someone from one of the most progressive and advanced countries in the world.

Some Youtubers said that the only reason they weren’t killed was because the incident attracted such large scale attention and widespread controversy. The foreigner in question, Juli, from ‘Arjuli vlogs’ on Youtube posted the entire ordeal online and garnered lots of attention and equal amounts of support as well as scorn for blowing the matter out of proportion.

Loy Machedo, a popular Youtuber with around 50,000 subscribers said that the couple had unnecessarily blown the matter out of proportion when they could have ended it right then and there by making a compromise with the influential and powerful perpetrators and coming to a mutual understanding. He further added that the issue was trifling to begin with, and that the couple would not have faced such physical violence, harassment, and death threats had they chosen not to upload the video footage online.

On the other side of the fence, many Youtubers spoke in support of the couple and commended them for their actions, saying that they took the right decision to film the entire incident and put it online. And that if a camera wasn’t present on scene, things could have been much worse. While both sides of the argument hold weight, there’s no denying the bloodthirsty nature of power-tripping lunatics and what they are capable of.

And this is true in any part of the world.

Like Loy Machedo says, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. What really matters is who’s the one with more power and influence, and who is capable of circumventing the law of the land to suit their own whims and fancies. By sheer luck and their good stars, no one was hurt or injured in the scuffle and the only one to take a beating was their beloved house. The couple have long since moved out of the there and have shifted to another state altogether for fear of repercussions from the uncouth barbarian family.


Whether it’s an argument over a parking spot, the amount of Mayonnaise in a sandwich, a domestic dispute, or dog poop, there seems to be no end to the variety and number of reasons people find to rage themselves out and go completely ballistic on total strangers (or loved ones). It also certainly doesn’t help that some countries allow such people to openly own and carry weapons in the name of personal safety and security.

Do let me know any stupid reasons for rage that you’ve come across in your country during recent times, and how your elected representatives dealed with it in the comments bar to the side.



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