The Hypocrisy Of The Vegan LGBTQ Brigade

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4 min readApr 9, 2024


We either derive our behavioural cues from animals…….or we don’t.

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Animal Rights activists are awesome. LGBTQ outreach organizers are amazing too. Both campaign for the rights and freedoms of the disenfranchised, human and non-human alike. However, there’s a particular strain of hypocrisy running riot amongst a cross section of people belonging to both these communities.

LGBTQ vegans proselytize to us about the barbarity of meat production; that it is primeval, savage, and caveman like behaviour. In the very same, breath they tell us that homosexuality in human beings isn’t weird or unnatural because other species in the animal kingdom exhibit such behaviour too.

If homosexuality is natural and innate, then why resort to using obligate carnivores as examples?

If meat eating is barbaric and unnatural, then why resort to using homosexual animals as examples? Seafood happens to be the staple diet of dolphins, one of the most commonly used examples of homosexuality in animals.

“You don’t get to pick and choose which animal traits you’d like to follow and which ones you don’t.” Isn’t this the exact line AR activists use while prosletyzing the vegan lifestyle to a bunch of meat eaters in an animal rights outreach event?

Dear vegan LGBTQ activists, make up your minds. Either meat eating and homosexuality are both weird and unnatural…..or they both aren’t. You just can’t have it both ways!

Many animal rights activists around the world use caveman savagery and jungle life barbarity to highlight the stupidity of the caveman argument during their outreach programs to meat eaters. They tell us that if we really wanted to eat meat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, we must log out of social media, ditch our comfortable city lives, and live in the forest like real cavemen. They tell us we should aspire to live like our ancestors if we want to use the “ancestors also ate meat” argument in a debate on veganism versus meat eating.

Similarly, isn’t it fallacious and illogical for themselves to be looking up to animals when it comes to sexual orientation and mating behaviour?

If we’re going to derive our sexual orientation cues from animals, then why not use them for food habits too? If you’re going to use animal behaviour as the reason for why being gay is perfectly natural, then can’t I say the same for meat eating as well? That I am a born meat eater and meat eating is essential to my survival?

Look. I’m an ally to the LGBTQ community and appreciate all the work they do so that everyone on the spectrum can freely express themselves however they wish to without any judgement. Gendered ways of dressing, mannerisms, culture and behaviour have no place in today’s day and age. Everyone must be free to express themselves however they like.

Along with LGBTQ allyship, I’m also supportive towards vegans and the AR activism community having been part of so many outreach programs over the years myself.

The only thing I’m struggling to understand here is this particular blend of hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with the issues of sexual orientation and animal rights.

LGBTQ activists who are also vegan must refrain from using animals in their speeches advocating for LGBTQ rights. You can’t tell people to look up to animals as shining examples for one specific set of behaviours and then look down on them for the rest in the very same breath. That’s called being a hypocrite. I’m not saying this is an either/or situation. I’m not saying we can either have veganism or a gay sexual orientation. We’re perfectly capable of doing both because we’re sane civilized humans capable of rational thought no matter how far those thoughts differ from our primeval instincts, unlike wild animals who have no objective way of dealing with such conundrums. So wouldn’t it be a hundred times better to chuck animals out of both these arguments once and for all, and solely focus on ourselves?

We can be gay and lesbian without having to provide any animal behaviour based justifications for it, even if 1000 species of animals are found to be naturally exhibiting such behaviour.

We can be meat eaters without resorting to the wildly popular “ancestors ate meat” argument.

And similarly, we can be vegan without putting down meat eaters and the “barbarity” of the slaughterhouse process. While I personally believe that the world must gradually taper off its meat dependency for the sake of the environment, human health, and the animals, it should be a gradual process and not something that we should aim to achieve overnight by shaming people into it.

Let’s collectively take a stance to stop using animals to validate our choices whatever they may be, shall we?

Is that too much to ask?



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