This Is Why I Started Composting My Waste

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash


The intense stench of a month's worth of degrading vegetable and food waste hit me in the face like a bus. It was a hundred times worse than driving past one of those garbage dumps across the city which would start emanating toxic foul smells whenever it rained. It was revolting, nauseating, and downright disgusting. I almost gagged.

“Mounds of garbage are a common sight today. Waste thrown is omnipresent in the form of rotting piles that dot our landscape, foul our rivers and pollute our wells and lakes. Even the idea of a quaint, clean village is no longer true because trash has overcome the rural-urban divide very successfully.”

To eradicate this menace, many waste management initiatives have popped up across the country helping people to either individually contribute to the cause by composting their own wet waste at home, or stop contributing to the problem, by handing over only segregated waste to the municipality.

“Hotels and restaurants produce a much higher quantity of waste daily and their involvement in processing waste at the site removes a significant portion of the wet waste transported to the city’s overflowing dumping grounds. Taj Lands End in Bandra, which produces 2.5 metric tonnes of waste per day — the highest bulk generator of wet waste in H west ward — has set up an organic waste convertor which processes as much as 1,000 kg wet waste every day. The organic waste converter produces at least 400 kg of manure which is used as fertilizer for the plants and nursery set up on their premises.”

The idea is simple. Since decomposition takes time along with a bit of effort, it would take at least 2 months for all the food waste thrown into the composter to get converted into fine, usable, fresh compost. Houses, as well as bigger industrial food processing plants, can then sell that fresh compost back to farmers as fertilizers for their crops, use them in their own backyard gardens, or scatter them in green spaces across the city.



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