You’re not entitled to somebody else’s bodily decisions

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6 min readJun 8, 2020


Whats your problem with women, and what they do with their body hair? No one asked for your opinion.

Body positivity pages on Facebook come up with such good stuff

It appears that all of a sudden, the moment a woman stops shaving her body hair, all the terrible misfortunes of the world come to a grinding halt! All and sundry a bystander, turns into Armpit Hair Police, on the prowl for women, who have worn sleeveless tops without shaving their armpits.

All of a sudden, people forget their loved ones, their strained relationships, their broken jobs, their mortgages and loans, their poverty, their work and family stress, the drudgery of daily life, their paycheck to paycheck living, and the bills that are going to stare them in the face, at the end of the month. They devote one hundred percent of their attention to armpit hair ! Wish you were this attentive in class, buddy !

While scrolling through my social media feed all these years, I’ve come across multiple instances of nasty, vile, and downright offensive comments to women who posted images of themselves topless or with unshaved armpits.

There were vile, nasty, disgusting people like this, whose comments were just god-awful depressing:

and there were people like this, who made you reinstate your belief in the goodness of humanity:


There were the not so abusive ones:

“needs to” ? really ?

And there were those, who were kind of in the middle, which is also kind of cool:

A certain Supermodel posted a video of her modelling for a sportswear brand (or at least that’s what I think), without shaving her armpit hair, which the media thought was a much more pertinent, and pressing issue to cover, rather than poverty, crime, and, politics:

Her armpit hair is apparently “breaking the internet” according to this news outlet

Whats really touching is, all that I found were positive comments on the post, and people calling the media out on their bullshit :

No body shamers here !

I particularly liked this guy’s comment from the above set:

Well said mate ! There are more pressing issues indeed !

After taking note of the above story, I figured there might be many more celebs who would have been openly deciding to get on the “trend”, and put out a message to society that their body is theirs, and theirs only. So after a bit of Googling, I found that many a celeb got onto this “trend”, let it simmer for a while, and then just left it in a puff of smoke.

Regardless, I still applaud them for their impulsive and trend based activism. Any kind of spotlight is fine, as long it shows society the mirror the right way.

Apparently, the ‘Julia Roberts’ spectacle was the most rousing one for the media, as she sported the most amount of armpit hair:

Other celebrities such as Madonna and Amanda Stenberg only sported “barely there” wisps of it; but was still significant, and striking enough to attract attention.

Coming back to Keyboard Warrior land.

Some commenters openly displayed their mental incontinence after viewing an image of a group of ladies standing together:

Thanks Captain Obvious!!

and some others encouraged them to keep being the beautiful, attractive selves that they actually are:


Some asked the right questions:

Damn right woman!

While some decided to educate kids so that they don’t become body shamers themselves, once they grow up:

Well done! kind of funny, but nice.

The Armpit Hair Police Department didn’t discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion or region. Everyone was welcome to be hired, and become a proud officer of the force, as long as they swore “To Abuse and To Bully”.

Maybe that’s why World War Three hasn’t happened yet; because most women are terribly apprehensive about showing their armpit hair in public, lest they fire up a debate about it in parliament.

which COULD lead to WW3!

And speaking of world wars, did you know that it was actually WW2 that set this insane precedent (for shaving legs at least)? Here’s a screenshot from a 2017 article on millennial women rejecting the razor :

I also found an article from Mic, that shows when and how the obsession for smooth underarms all began:

and that’s how it all started

After going through hell a lot of comments on Instagram and Facebook, I narrowed down the commenters to just 5 categories:

  1. Downright abusive — spewing verbal Vitriol, slut-shaming, etc.
  2. Still belonging to class 1, but dressed up as “hygiene and cleanliness” warriors.
    (yeah, because all of us men in the world are a bunch of skunks right ? *rolls eyes*)
  3. Genuinely curious (They are coming across such a thing for the first time)
  4. The Good Samaritans— “I like to shave mine, but you do you girl, I ain’t hatin!” , “to each her own” , “I don’t judge”, etc.
  5. Defenders — The ones who went all out, and wrote lines of text, to defend the ones who were being oppressed.

You’d think after years of evolution and development in the human psyche, we’d be a bit more considerate to our neighbors. But no! We will continue to judge and shame them on what they wear and how they wear it, no matter what the weather looks like.

You’d also be poised to think that after all the debate and conversations in public about gender and race, color and equality, people would be ready to start anew with a clean slate.

But nope! Shamers keep shaming! They will simply not change their stand, because its their ego and world view that’s on the line. (Suggestion: please wear blinders if the world didn’t turn out the way you shaped it in your daydreams)

They have sworn to uphold the flags of patriarchy and misogyny at all costs.



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